About Us


Charlene's Cresties

We are a small business located in Toronto, Ontario dedicated to producing some of the best Crested Geckos in Canada. This year (2022) we will have been breeding for 4 years. Our main focuses in terms of Crested Gecko morphs include Extreme/Tricolour Harlequins, Creamsicles, Reds, Yellows and in 2023 we will have Super Dalmatians. Aside from Crested Geckos we also breed Fire Belly Toads (Bombina Orientalis).


Growing up I remember finding frogs and toads at my family's trailer park, we would also go fishing and find crawfish in the lake. These are some of my earliest childhood memories and easily my favourite. I was fascinated by all of the different living creatures I could find and I was the happiest when I was outside exploring them. Fast forward 15 years and I received my very first Crested Gecko as a Christmas gift. Very quickly my collection grew into what it is today. Now I aim to create the absolute best quality Crested Geckos possible. 

Our Focus

We strive to achieve incredible head structure, vibrant colours/patterns and happy healthy geckos. Our goal is to produce some of the most unique Crested Geckos on the market. 


Our Crested Geckos receive only the best care here. You can find our complete Crested Gecko Care Guide in the main menu of our site. This guide includes everything we think you need to know about owning and caring for your own Crested Geckos. As always it is still recommended that you do research of your own from multiple different sources before purchasing.