Terms of Service

Please read the following conditions carefully. By purchasing a gecko from Charlene’s Cresties you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions listed below.

Holds & Payments

 When placing an animal on hold through a payment plan a non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required upfront. The remaining total must be paid in full within 30 days of the first deposit. Geckos will not be put on hold until a deposit has been received.

Payment plans can only be arranged for geckos priced at $200 or higher. Payments must be made by the agreed upon date, otherwise the gecko will no longer be held. Winter holds are available at no extra charge while shipping is closed throughout the colder months. 

If you decide to cancel your order we can offer credit for future use.


Shipping in Canada

Shipping is available at the buyers expense. Live Animal Shipments will be charged separately after purchase since shipping costs will vary depending on location. (Typically ranging from $60-$120 CAD) We ship our animals overnight through Reptile Runner and live arrival is guaranteed. We are not responsible for any shipping delays caused by the courier and we will not ship if weather conditions are not suitable on both sides. We are also not responsible for any tail losses during shipping or while a gecko is on hold, tail loss does not decrease the value of a gecko.

Local pick up, Reptile Expo pickup and delivery in the GTA is available as well depending on the buyers location. If a buyer fails to contact us to arrange a pickup or shipping date for longer than 30 days, the purchased animal will be made available again and all funds will be lost.

Shipping to USA

Exports to the USA will go through Reptile Express. Shipping costs will range from $230-$280 USD and will be charged separately from your gecko purchase. This price includes all necessary paperwork and a shipping kit that can hold anywhere from 6-9 geckos (depending on size). Again, we are not responsible for any delays caused by the courier and we will not ship if weather conditions are not suitable on both sides. 


All animals sold at Charlene’s Cresties have a 10 day health guarantee. The buyer is responsible for letting us know that their animal has arrived safely and in good condition, pictures are always encouraged. If the buyer fails to contact us within 2 hours of arrival time, all health guarantees are void. If an animal purchased from us becomes sick or dies within the first 10 days, we will offer a credit towards another gecko of your choice. Proof of illness and/or death will be required to obtain the credit. Health guarantees do not cover any injury sustained after arrival. Please try to keep cats away from gecko enclosures as they are responsible for many gecko deaths.

A full “Crested Gecko Care Guide” is available on our website if you aren’t familiar with the husbandry of Crested Geckos.


All sexed geckos are based off of an educated guess and are never 100% guaranteed.

Sales & Discounts

Sales and discount codes are only applicable when purchasing in full. They will not be valid for use with payment plans unless otherwise stated.


If you do not agree with any of these terms please do not purchase from us at Charlene’s Cresties. Thank you for reading and understanding!