Welcome to Charlene’s Cresties!

We are a small business based in Toronto, Ontario dedicated to producing some of the best quality Crested Geckos in Canada.

Some of the morphs we continue to work with include Tricolour/Extreme Harlequins, Reds and our favourite Yellow Creamsicles! In 2023 we will begin to work with Super Dalmatians as well.

Each one of our pairings are carefully chosen with a clear vision in mind. Structure is a top priority here, after all the crests are the most definitive aspect of the Crested Gecko!

Please be sure to read through our Terms of Service before purchasing. You are more than welcome to reach out to us via Morph Market, Instagram or Facebook if you have any questions or inquiries.
Happy browsing and thanks for looking!💛

Pairing Spotlight

These are some of our pairings that have produced the most noteworthy offspring so far.

Lucia x Syxx (2020 Pairing)

This pair produced offspring with extremely high coverage. Dark and Red based Tri-colours made up the vast majority of them.

Lucia x Rocky (2021 Pairing)

This pair produced our very first Lily Whites. Their offspring were primarily dark based but with a slight red hint as well because of Lucia.

Emerald x Cashew (2020 & 2021 Pair)

This notorious pair produced some of the most incredible yellows we have ever seen and therefor we paired them up two years in a row.

Diega x Syxx (2020 Pairing)

With Diega's insanely dark base and Syxx's striking coverage this pair produced offpsring with incredible contrast. Some Halloween-ish as well as some extreme harlequins.

Scarlet x Cherry (2020 & 2021 Pair)

This red pair produced a lot of gorgeous patternless just like Cherry but also some of the brightest red harlequins.

Fury x Cashew (2021 Pairing)

This pair produced many beautiful yellow Quadstripes with very minimal Dalmatian spots. The structure of their offspring is phenomenal.

Customer Reviews

Charlene is an absolute professional in the reptile hobby. She is always willing to share her expertise,  and she has absolutely stunning animals that she provides exceptional care for. Each crested gecko I have purchased from her has exceeded all my expectations, and I will continue to support her for years to come. Charlene has provided me with consistent customer service which can often times be a rarity. She will not disappoint! Thank you Charlene for all that you do! All the best.

Shay (@haus.of.geckos)

I highly recommend her geckos they are all so beautiful, taken well care of! Amazing person to deal with and her geckos jist amaze me!

Dawn Williamson (@geckocoven)

Charlene is an amazing knowledgeable breeder who always produces geckos with amazing structure and you can just by looking at the gecko the love and care she puts into her animals and all the geckos I have from her are thriving ! Will be getting more geckos from her in the very near future and I recommend her to anyone looking for a great new breeding project or a lovely healthy pet !

Lavender Brinkworth (@lavenderslovelylizards)

We got our little cuties to grow out and couldn’t be happier! Charlene was very flexible in working out a pick up/shipping date to accommodate my busy work schedule. Add to that the wonderful prices, available lineage, weekly updates until they were good size for travel and we couldn’t be happier. Truly great buying experience and would highly recommend!

Dee McCallum (@readysetgecko)

Charlene is a very knowledgeable breeder and strives to breed top quality geckos. Her animals are well taken care of, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help someone. Her geckos are truly amazing, it's incredibly hard to pick just one! I have purchased a few geckos from Charlene and whether you are looking for a gecko for a breeding project or as a pet I without a doubt recommend her 100%. All of my geckos purchased from her are thriving and look amazing.

Kerri B. (@carebears.geckos)

Charlene was amazing to work with! She was helpful and gave lots of information, shipping went perfectly and Pekoe was even more beautiful in person!Happy to say I've made a new hobby friend and will 100% be a repeat customer soon I'm sure! Looking for amazing, healthy and friendly geckos? Charlene has you covered!

Kate Meloche (@moonphaseexotics)

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